PuGo is a simple static site generator by Golang. It compiles markdown to site pages with beautiful theme. No dependencies, cross platform and very fast.


Quick start

  1. Download from PuGo and extract zip archive.
  2. Run pugo new site to create new default site.
  3. Run pugo server, open http://localhost:9899 to visit.


Run a command when run pugo executable file:

  • pugo new create new site, post or page.
  • pugo build build static files.
  • pugo server build and serve static files.

More details in Documentation.


PuGo support two kinds of content, post and page. you can create any .md file in proper directories in source directory. Read the wiki to learn the layout format and more details.


After you change your source .md files, run

pugo build

To build static files.


  • Theme: theme documentation is Here